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The Centre for the Initiation of Talent and Industrial Training (CITra) operates as a supercentre that operates on a curricular engagement model.  This refers to teaching, learning and scholarship that engages faculties, academies, students and members of the external community in a mutually beneficial collaborative endeavor.  Such collaboration includes attending to community issues via structured experiential learning programmes, popularly known as community engagement.  Such learning offers students a venue where talents are discovered and nurtured through collective projects.  Other skills enhancement activities includes co curriculum education, entrepreneurship enculturation and work-based learning, also known as industrial training or structured internship programmes.


CITra is formerly known as The Section for Co-curricular Courses, External Electives and TITAS (SKET). Established in 8 March 2001, the section coordinates the teaching of a group of University courses, aimed at producing holistic, balanced and entrepreneurial graduates.  Beginning in September of the Academic Session 2014/15, the course GXEX1417 - Social Engagement (Jalinan Masyarakat) was introduced.  In this course, student evaluation is 100% based on his/her role in community engagement activities inclusive of peer review evaluation, stakeholders review and instructor evaluation.

Core Function

CITra was developed in September 2015 and it continues to engage with the campus community and communities in the vicinity of the University to produce knowledgeable, talented (entrepreneurial), holistic and balanced students who can contribute substantially to Nation-building. The set of University Courses and credited Co-curricular courses ensure that four objectives of the Malaysian General Studies Subjects or MPU (Matapelajaran Pengajian Umum) are achieved.  The four objectives are as follows:

  1. Appraisal of philosophy, values and history
  2. Acquirement of soft-skills
  3. Broadening of the knowledge of Malaysia
  4. Community management, community engagement and/or service learning

CITra hence promotes a complementary learning experience apart from the academic programmes offered by the faculties.  This may be found in the following subjects;

a) General (Liberal) Studies Education and External Faculty Electives
Co-curricular Subject (consisting of sets of general life-skills courses, cultural courses and sports enhancement courses)
Community Engagement via the Social Engagement Course (Jalinan Masyarakat)
Entrepreneurship Enculturation
As of 1st Jan 2016, CITra has an added responsibility which is aimed to increase graduate employability.
Industrial Training or Student Internship Programme

Last Update: October 26, 2017