How to reach CITra from UM Central by WALKING

no.1  When you are at UM Central, you will find Library on your left. Across the road, you will see the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences building. From UM Central, cross the road, and walk along the pavement opposite UM Central.

UM Central

no.2  Keep walking until you come to the first turning on your right. Turn right. Keep walking.

Persiaran Ilmu

no.3  To verify if you have come to the right place, you will see "Fakulti Pendidikan" building on your right.

turn right

no.4  And on your left, you will see the Azman Hashim building, followed by Faculty of Economics Auditorium.


no.5  Go straight on until you come to another turning on your right. Turn right into Susur Cerdas.

susur cerdas

Walk along Susur Cerdas. You will see an under-construction building on your left.

susur cerdas

no.7  Keep walking until you come to "Blok Pentadbiran Fakulti Pendidikan", also on your left.


 no.8  Right ahead from "Blok Pentadbiran Fakulti Pendidikan", you will see a grey building with  
logo citra logo on the wall. That's the CITra building.

Bangunan CITra

no.9  Walk straight to the CITra building and take the stairs. Go up to the 1st floor.


  You have reached CITra office!

 CITra's Office

Estimate 600m, 8 minutes walking distance.

map citra

CITra would like to thank Camy Chai Jia Min of Faculty of Built Environment for her suggestions and valuable input with regard to the map and route to CITra.

By Uber or GrabCar
1. Use keyword " Fakulti Pendidikan" . Do not use "Faculty of Education"

umcentral Persiaran Ilmu IMG_20171126_123044 turn right IMG_20171122_175058 BUSINESS & ECONOMY IMG_20171122_175919 IMG_20171122_180137 IMG_20171122_180434 susur cerdas BLOK PENTABIRAN FAKULTI PENDIDIKAN Picture3 signage tangga aras 1 welcome to CITra Office hours
Last Update: December 05, 2017