Format of Full Paper


Abstract should be a complete text, focusing on the topic of social engagement, areas of study, methodology, findings and conclusion. Text of abstract should be less than 200 words.

a. Text of Abstract

- Title of full paper
- No indentation of first line of paragraph
- Times Roman 12 point
- Double spacing throughout
- Length of abstract (not more than 200 words)
- Justified margin
- Keywords (not more than 5 keywords)

b. Author’s Data

- Author’s full name in capitals
- Author’s university affiliation
- Author’s corresponding email address
*Identify Corresponding Author


It is a condition of publication that authors assign copyright or license the publication rights in their full papers (including abstracts) to UniCC/CITra, the publisher. However, author(s) retain copy rights of their individual article under the UniCC/CITra rights policies. Authors are themselves responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce copyright material from other sources. Author(s) are required to secure permission to reproduce any proprietary text, illustration, table, or other material, including data, audio, video, film stills, and screenshots, and any supplementary material you propose to submit. Copies of permission letters should be sent with the full paper upon submission to the editors.


This is a bilingual E-Journal. All abstract and manuscript submissions should be in either in Bahasa Malaysia or English.


This journal publishes full research papers between 5,000 and 7,000 words, including abstract and keywords, but excluding pictures, tables and figures.


For submission in Bahasa Malaysia, please refer to Kamus Dewan as spell checker. For submission in English, the UK-English spell checker should be used as the reference for correct spelling and hyphenation, e.g. use "-ise" and "-isation" (instead of "-ize" or "-ization"), "centre" (instead of "center"), "honour" (instead of "honor"), etc., but the original spelling of words within quoted passages should not be changed unless there has been a typographical error.


Please use Times New Roman font 12, justified margin, double spacing throughout. There shall be no indentation of first line of paragraph.


Should contain references cited or referred to in-text only. This e-journal uses the updated American Psychological Association (APA) style of referencing. Author-date citations should be used in the text, following in general the form outlined in the relevant section of the American Psychological Association (2010 edition).

a. In-Text References

Should appear as follows and should include page numbers where appropriate:

(Norani, 2008); (Lian & Appudurai, 2011)

Full details of publications cited should be given in a list of references at the end of the article. Whenever possible, please state page numbers for both book chapters and journal articles.

b. Reference List

Farish A. Noor. (2004). Islam embedded: The historical development of the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party PAS (1951-2003) Volume 1 and 2. Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian Sociological Research Institute.

Chapters in Edited Collections
Kua, Kia Soong. (1998). Malaysian Chinese education in the nineties, in Kua Kia Soong (ed.), Mother tongue education of Malaysian ethnic minorities.Kajang: Dong Jiao Zong Higher Learning Centre.     

Journal Articles
Shamsul Amri Baharuddin. (1996). Debating about identity in Malaysia: A discourse analysis. Southeast Asian Studies 34 (3), pp. 476-499. 

Newspaper and Newsmagazine Items
Utusan Malaysia, 7 Mei 2013, p. 1.

Government and Official Publications
Federal Constitution. (1994). Kuala Lumpur: International Law Books Services.

Dissertations and Theses
Ngeow, Yeok Meng. (2006). Minority in an ‘Islamic State’: Response of the Chinese towards Islamisation policies in Kelantan. PhD dissertation. University of Malaya.

Websites (All citations of Internet websites should include the full URL and the date that it was accessed)
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. (2008). Press release from YAB Prime Minister of Malaysia. The Malaysian Bar. Retrieved on 31 August 2013 from

Guidelines for non-English Scripts

All non-English terms transcribed in roman script should be italicized in the text, stating titles of book, journal and article in their original language. No translation is required.

Guidelines for Images, Tables and Figures

Images, tables and figures should have direct relevance to the text of the article in which they appear. All tables and figures should be provided in a separate file, and should include a heading and source details. The text of the article should clearly indicate where each table/figure should be inserted. 

Where possible, images should be submitted as individual .jpg (or .gif) files. Images should have a minimum resolution of 300dpi, but 500dpi is optimal. All colour images will be reproduced in color in the online version. The text of the article should clearly indicate where each image should appear. Captions and sources should be provided for all images, and it is the responsibility of individual article authors to obtain copyright permissions where necessary.

Last Update: March 08, 2018