What is an Industrial Training?

Industrial training is a work experience in an on- or off-campus setting for which a student receives academic credit.  At the end of the Industrial Training Programme, students should be able to improve their knowledge and skills relevant to their areas of specialisation and at the same time able to relate, apply and adapt relevant knowledge, concepts and theories within an industrial organisation, practice and ethics. With this experience and exposure the students should be able to acquire knowledge and skills to compete in the job market.

Q1. What are the benefits to the participating company?

A participating company can take this opportunity to approach and identify potential interns to join their company.  They can also obtain fresh ideas from the creative and energetic young talents.  In the long run, the company will foster a good corporate social responsibility image and groom younger generations for a sustainable workforce for the society and at the same time as building a more sustainable linkage with the university.


Q2. How can my company advertise an industrial training opportunity? How can my company get more students to apply?

Please email the details of the industrial training opportunity to The internship opportunity will be forwarded to the respective industrial training coordinator to be disseminated to their students. The advert will be posted through the website and social media. 

Or, you can sign-up TiGrESS with ICONIX Talent Network Sdn Bhd. For details, please call to Ms Teo Yan Chun at 017-257 8798 or email

Q3. If my company would like to advertise an industrial training opportunity, when is the best time to approach the university/students?

Students will start looking for an industrial training placement one semester before training. For example; if the internship starts in semester 3 (Jun- Sept), then the students need to search and identify a suitable company in semester 2 (Feb – Jun). Please refer to the industrial training program schedule and the academic calendar for further reference and understanding

Q4. How can my company establish long term collaboration with the university on the industrial training program?

Long term collaboration can be established by participating in our Structured Internship Program (SIP). Companies are encouraged to join activities such as the Internship Market Day, Industry Talk, in-campus interview, etc.

Q5. Does my company need to sign an employment contract with the student?

This depends on your company requirements. The university needs at least an offer letter issued by your company to the student.

Q6. Does the company need to pay any allowance to the students?

It depends on your company; we at the university don’t state it in any of our program circulars. However, the company is encouraged to consider paying some allowance to the students at least to cover their travel and meals expenses during their training.

Q7. Is there any insurance coverage for the students during the attachment period?

Yes, the student is covered by the UM group insurance (please visit as long as they are registered and active as UM students. 

Q8. How many interns can I have?

If you have capacity to host more than one intern, go for it! An organization can have as many as 10 interns each program year, as long as they are able to provide support for each intern.

Q9. Who would be the student participants?

Every academic year, we have approximately 1500 students undergoing an internship program. The students are from various fields of study and are mostly are in their 3rd year.  Please refer to the industrial training program schedule for further details.


Q10. What is the industrial training duration? What is the start and end date for the industrial training program?

The industrial training duration varies for each program. The duration is between eight (8) and twenty-four (24) weeks. Please refer to the industrial training program schedule for further details. The start and end date depends on the academic calendar.

Q11. What are the roles of the host company?

We recommend the company to:

  • Offer a project, a task such as research, production, administration, or day-to-day operation with learning opportunities;
  • Assign a company mentor to supervise and guide the students on the job requirements and give feedback to them;
  • Keep in contact with the university  industrial training  Coordinator where necessary to facilitate the assessment of the student’s performance; and
  • Provide a safe and supportive working environment. 


Q12. What should my company do upon completion of the training period?

Employers are encouraged to feed back their comments on the attachment arrangements and student’s performance to the university industrial training Coordinator, and, if the students have completed the job satisfactorily, provide a testimonial specifying the attachment period to the students.  The university industrial training Coordinator can provide sample templates for reference.

Q13. Can the company terminate the attachment earlier than the agreed time?

It is not encouraged, unless there are serious issues. We suggest the company contact the university industrial training Coordinator before an early termination and discuss the best solution for all participating parties, if you consider the performance of the student is unsatisfactory.  A mutual agreement on termination is recommended. 


Q14. What do I do if there is a problem with my intern or the industrial training program

If any problems arise, please contact the industrial training Coordinator with whom you've been working.

Q15. Whom should I contact, if I have further enquiries regarding the industrial training program?

For further enquiries please contact the person in charge as per below:

  1. Ms. Nurhafizah Jafri

    Telephone             : 603-7967 5408
    Email                    : 

  2. Ms. Maziah Basuri

        Telephone            : 603-7967 5408/5671
        Email                    :

        General line          : 603-7967 5410
        Website                :

Last Update: August 01, 2017