FREE !! Digital Marketing Class, eUsahawan, MDEC @ Universiti Malaya
Dear Students,
Please be inform that MDEC is offering FREE Digital Marketing class and certificate to students who are interested and would like be the next e-Entrepreneur.
The Digital Marketing Class was initiated by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), which is a government-owned institution that responsible for the management of the Multimedia Super Corridor in Malaysia as a technology industry and commerce zone.

The class will be covered topic as below:


  • Facebook Page for Business 
  • How to Build a Business Website using Website-Builder 
  • Onboarding for eUsahawan 7 online chapters
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KVC Escape 10 Challenge (IOT, Hackathon & Entrepreneurship Challenge)
KVC Escape 10 (5)

KVC Escape 10 Challenge (IOT, Hackathon & Entrepreneurship Challenge)


Date: 10th November 2018 (Saturday)

Venue: KVC Headquarter, Bangi

Prizes: RM 9,000

Registration link:

Target Group: Internship Year or Final Year students with a minimum 3.0 CGPA

Additional information : Please call or whatsapp 012-2687821


About the event

It is a customized challenge specially designed to heed the needs of hiring the right candidate for internships and graduate jobs in 5 main functions, namely Sales & Product Marketing, Procurement, Customer Care, Finance & Technical Engineering.

Outstanding participants in this challenge will be offered with a 360 degree learning experience in KVC. The KVC Escape 10 sees KVC Industrial Supplies Sdn Bhd brand in their preferred universities, attracting the most ambitious and courageous individuals, graduates or undergraduates to be part of them.

KVC Escape 10 comprises of Business & Communication, Internet of Things (IoT), Hackathon and Entrepreneurship to attract the open minded and well-rounded talents.

The objectives of this Business & Entrepreneurship program are to create an opportunity for students to discover their own personalities and talents, type of job suitability and clarify in sales roles as well as entrepreneurship

The Internet of Things (IoT) which refers to a broad vision whereby “things” such as everyday objects, places and environments are interconnected with one another via the Internet. The new rule of thumb for the future moving forward, “Anything can be connected and will be connected.” But do we need all these connections in our everyday lives. Yes, we do. In this new era we need to be connected, even when driving. Imagine you’re rushing to an important meeting, and need to know the fastest route to reach your destination, you need to be connected to the internet to check this out. The application of IoT is only limited by our imagination. The IoT-thon, is an event in which we bring together talents from diverse background, to create innovative business idea based on IoT and develop the solution within 30 hours.  

The word Iot-Thon means (Internet of Things + Hackathon) is an event where participants get to build, design, test and present devices. They get to be innovative within the given 10 hours.


Objectives & Learning Outcomes:


Psychological Competency:

  1. To be resilient in any and every situation, teaching them not to shrug off huge challenges in life. Turns out surviving in any difficult situations, whether it is dealing with any difficult tasks given or personal tragedies. They are able to spring back into action after compression
  2. Learn to be persistent and persistency will lead to success at the end
  3. Through this event, students will learn patience, as one of the important virtue while working as a team and getting tasks completed within the given timeframe.


    Practice Experiences:

  4. Students will also be tested if they have trouble-shooting skills and problem solving skills, ability to rise above any occasion
  5. Apart from the above, IoT –Thon is to raise awareness and interests in IoT.
  6. They are to think out-of-box in developing new ideas within time constraint.
  7. Ability to find solutions to every tasks given

    Career Attitude:

  8. Have the Initiative to lead and self-lead
  9. Sense of responsibility and ownership to tasks given


    Communication Skills:

  10. Interpersonal skills
  11. Understand others
  12. Teamwork


    Business Competency:

  13. Organizational Comprehension
  14. Financial Understanding
  15. Management Skills
  16. Technical Competencies
  17. Personal Leadership Characteristics - determination,self motivated, etc




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