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FAQ (Coordinator)




Q1.    What are my role and responsibilities regarding the industrial training program?

1. Organize Industrial Training (IT) Briefing for students and disseminate info to students on the Pre- Industrial Training Workshop organized by CITra.

2. Verify and approve organization details submitted by students

3. Create the “Industrial Training Application” letter/form on behalf of the students, and inform the students to collect the letter/form (students will post to the organisation)

4. Follow-up with students regarding the Industrial placement application status

5. Approve students' industrial placements at UMPORTAL (e-Industrial Training)

6. Make sure the students are aware of the Pre-Industrial Training workshop

Q2.     Where can we get further information regarding to the industrial training preparatory workshop?

Please refer to the CITra website at PREPARATORY WORKSHOP

Q3.     What is the time frame for students to confirm their placement and register course?

One semester before their internship placement.

Q4.     How do I get grant access to view my students’ placement in the E-Industrial Training system?

Please contact the e-Industrial Training system admin at you Faculty/Academy/Centre for get you grant access.

For further enquiries please contact the person in charge as per below:

Ms. Nurhafizah Jafri

Telephone            : 603-7967 5408
Email                    : hafizahjafri@um.edu.my

Mr. Mohd Fadhli Othman
Telephone            : 603-7967 5408
Email                    : mohdfadhli@um.edu.my

General line          : 603-7967 5410
Website                : citra.um.edu.my

Ms. Maziah Basuri

Telephone           : 603-7967 5408/5671
Email                   : maziah_87@um.edu.my
General line        : 603-7967 5410
Website               : citra.um.edu.my

Q5.    What are the criteria to make sure that my travel arrangement approved?

Please refer the “Guideline for the Industrial Training Supervision Visit” 

Q6.    When should I submit my travel claim? How to make travel claim? 

Please submit your travel claim within two (2) week after the supervision date. Please refer the “Travel Claim Instruction” in order to proceed with your travel claim.