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University Courses

GIG1001 / GXEX1414 – The Islamic and Asian Civilization (TITAS) (2 credits)

This course discusses the importance of civilization in shaping perception, personality and life harmony between different communities. This course also adopts the values and understanding between diverse cultures through dialogue and interaction abilities.

GIG1002 / GXEX1411 – Ethnic Relations (2 credits)

This course will introduce the basic concepts and theories of ethnic relations. This course will also foster communication skills, teamwork, critical thinking, lifelong learning as well as information management skills among the students through individual assignments, oral presentation and group activities.

GIG1003 / GXEX 1412 – Basic Entrepreneurship Culture (2 credits)

This course will attempt to inculcate the basic elements of entrepreneurship in the students. Initiatives are taken to open their minds and motivate the entrepreneurial spirit in this potential target group. The course encompasses theory and development of entrepreneurship, the importance of entrepreneurship and factors affecting entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship development in Malaysia, ethics of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation in entrepreneurship, business opportunity, ability to start a business, developing business plans, skills to run and manage a business. The course also incorporates a direct exposure to the real business environment.


GIG1006 / GXEX 1413 – Introduction to Malaysia (2 credits)

This course will explain the history of Malaya and the formation of Malaysia. It will also discuss the administrative structure and system of the government guided by the Constitution of Malaysia. Students will learn the culture and values of different ethnic groups, and their shared vision for a united and integrated Malaysian nation.

GIG1005 / GXEX1417 Social Engagement (2 credits)

This course exposes the students on social engagement and their role as volunteers. Students need to plan their social engagement programme and will be placed at a specific location based on their programme. Students are expected to write a report and make a presentation on their experience with the society.

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