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Section for Co-Curricular Courses was established on the 8th March 2001.  Since SKETs inception, it is responsible for all the co-curricular courses offered in University of Malaya. Currently, there are about 70 co-curricular courses offered in SKET.  It was later renamed as Section for Co-Curricular Courses, External Faculty Electives and TITAS (SKET).  This is because SKET was also given the responsibility to offer and manage TITAS (The Islamic and Asian Civilization Course), a university compulsory course. 

As the number of university compulsory courses increases over the years, SKET’s role and responsibility also increases. Currently, all the university compulsory courses in University of Malaya are offered and managed by SKET.  These courses include Ethnic Relations, Basic Entrepreneurship Culture, Introduction to Malaysia and Community Engagement.  In addition, SKET also offer some external faculty elective courses such as Indigenous Society and Current Issues, Introduction to Social Psychology, Introduction to Peace and Humanities, PALAPES Army (Reserved Officer Training Corps), PALAPES Navy (Reserved Officer Training Corps) and Voluntary Reserved Police Unit (SUKSIS). ...More