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The Centre for Internship Training and Academic enrichment (CITrA) operates as a supercentre that operates on a curricular engagement model.  This refers to teaching, learning and scholarship that engages faculties, academies, students and members of the external community in a mutually beneficial collaborative endeavor.  Such collaboration includes attending to community issues via structured experiential learning programmes, popularly known as community engagement.  Such learning offers students a venue where talents are discovered and nurtured through collective projects.  Other skills enhancement activities includes co curriculum education, entrepreneurship enculturation and work-based learning, also known as industrial training or structured internship programmes.

CITrA is formerly known as The Section for Co-curricular Courses, External Electives and TITAS (SKET). Established in 8 March 2001, the section coordinates the teaching of a group of University courses, aimed at producing holistic, balanced and entrepreneurial graduates.  Beginning in September of the Academic Session 2014/15, the course GXEX1417 - Social Engagement (Jalinan Masyarakat) was introduced.  In this course, student evaluation is 100% based on his/her role in community engagement activities inclusive of peer review evaluation, stakeholders review and instructor evaluation.

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