• Centre for Internship Training and Academic enrichment (CITrA)
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Student Holistic Empowerment courses are offered to all Universti Malaya students.  These courses function as the building blocks for the formation of a special set of Graduate Student Attributes (GSA) or commonly known as the UM DNA. It consists a set of humanistic values that enriches the heart and soul of every student, complemented by enriching soft skills, thinking skills, digital skills, and knowledge on global issues. Through careful selection of SHE courses, students will be able to develop the 21st century skills, discover their potential and nurture their passion and talents. SHE courses will help them prepare for challenges and opportunities at the university and beyond. Students will develop vital skills to succeed in their studies, career and most importantly in life, through four subject clusters:

1. Thinking Matters: Mind & Intellect

2. Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence: Heart, Body and Soul 

3. Technology/Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics: i-Techie

4. Global Issues and Community Sustainability: Making the World a Better Place

Last Update: 01/11/2022